Ginseng Product

Effects of Ginseng


Promotion of Brain Activity

It has been disclosed through a number of tests that Korean Ginseng Extract and its saponin elements exhibit the ability to advance intellectual performance by promoting learning functions and improving memory.
At the International Ginseng Seminar held at the University of Tokyo in April, 1989, Dr.Petkov of the Physiological Research Institute of Bulgaria stated in his report, titled “Ginseng and Brain” that Korean Red Ginseng was notably effective in counter acting artificially induced amnesia in mice and memory loss in aged(22-24months old) mice, thus improving memory and increasing learning capabilities of the animals.


Cures and prevents diabetes

Korean Ginseng reinforces the suppression of insulin decomposition to improve
anti-lipolytic effects and associated symptoms of diabetes.
The triol-family saponin in white ginseng more or less suppresses the occurrence of Type 1 diabetes. On the other hand, the diol-family saponin in white ginseng delays the occurrence of Type 1 diabetes and greatly decreases its occurrence rate. It also restrains infiltration of lymphocytes into the pancreas.


Cures and prevents cancer

Since Korean Ginseng reinforces the physical resisting capability of cancer patients by enhancing their immunological functionality, the development of cancerous cells and their metastasis to other organs are suppressed.
According to a study by Murata and associates, 69.7% of the patients showed restrained development and growth of cancer when ginseng extract containing a large proportion of saponin had been administered to patients of stomach cancer, pancreas cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer for extended periods of 3 to 6 months under clinical observation.


Regulates blood pressure

Korean Ginseng is a miraculous herb that elevates and normalizes blood pressure of hypertensive patients while lowering and normalizing that of hypertensive patients.
Ingredients conducive to blood pressure elevation(Rg group) and those conducive to vasorelaxation(Rb, Rc group) coexist in ginseng.


Cures and prevents arteriosclerosis and hyperlipemia

With its vasodilative function, Korean Ginseng is effective in improving blood circulation, suppressing the occurrence of arteriosclerosis and protecting endotheliocytes from damage.
Ginseng saponin accelerates the enzyme activities associated with metabolism of lipids, including fat and blood cholesterol. It prevents formation of atheroma resulting from hyperlipemia within aortic tissues. It also promotes cholesterol turnover to subsequently improve hyperlipemia, a critical risk factor of arteriosclerosis.


Helps maintain homeostasis of physical functions

Dr.I.I.Brekhmann, a Russian scientist, states that the pharmacological activity of Korean Ginseng is rather mild. Unlike synthetic medicines, it works on the control mechanisms of the body and exhibits adaptogen activity which maintains homeostasis in physical functions.
The fundamental medicinal effect of Korean Ginseng is in promoting nonspecific resistance capabilities within a organism. Korean Ginseng heightens the overall resisting capability of an organism to reinforce its functions.


Effective in clearing stress

When Korean Ginseng was clinically administered to nurses being subjected to stress from night shifts, anti-fatigue and calming effects were observed, while high blood sugar levels resulting from the stress returned to normal.
With its sophisticated regulation of mental and physical stress under all circumstances to which the experimental subjects are exposed, Korean Ginseng is an excellent gift of nature that possesses outstanding capability to relieve stress and maintain harmony within a organism.


Reinforces immunological function

Korean Ginseng exhibits adaptogenic activity, which reinforces the body’s capability to resist various stimuli responsible for causing diseases in the human body.
Korean Ginseng Extract increases resistance to infection from intracellular microbes. This is attributable to Korean Ginseng’s widespread enhancement of cell tolerance.


Fights environmental hormone toxicity

Korean Ginseng reduces the toxicity of environmental pollutants and harmful dioxias, and also improves the quality of sperm cells.
Korean Ginseng saponin is an active substance that can successfully block toxicity, particularly reproductive toxicity, caused by TCDD, a powerfully impeditive dioxin.